Opportunities to Buy/Sell in the city?

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For those of us living in Massachusetts, Boston is our North Star– our hub – for activities, transportation, universities, hospitals, research, and jobs! Harbinger of things to come to the greater Boston diaspora.

I often get asked what is it really like to live in a Downtown high-rise? Particularly these past two years with Covid 19 restrictions? I thought I’d dedicate this note to living in the city. Responsibility is a joint enterprise. So first and foremost, I am grateful we live where people around us (and our policy makers) – think about their impact on others. And, for the most part, believe in the science. This is useful during a pandemic that seems to go on and on!

I’ll start with the walks (one of the few pleasurable pastimes that we have had during Covid restrictions.

  • Boston is a walking city. Downtown is an easy walk to everywhere. Whether it is to pop into work (if you need to), pick up groceries or grab a cappuccino. Restaurants are also aplenty – and in the summer most have outdoor seating.
  • A short walk takes you to quintessential Boston – The Boston Common (Frog- pond); the Public Garden (Swan boats). You can bring a book or just people-watch and count the squirrels and the ducks.
  • Over the bridge to the esplanade and the picturesque Charles River which presents different views in every season and even at different times of the day.
  • Not in the mood for the Charles, walk down the tree-lined Commonwealth Mall and gaze at historical figures.Or walk down busy Boylston or Newbury for window shopping and the latest styles.
  • Walk the other way, to the waterfront – the Harbor walk. They seem to be improving it all the time.. Another more recent favorite – the walk along the Seaport Harbor. Watch the lights of Boston and the ships sail away!

Then there is community. There is something nice about having friends and activities all around you. Leave the car parked underground! In high rises, many of your friends are right in the building – whenever you’re ready to socialize with one or a few. Age is just a number. Just like villages of yore – all age groups are welcome and eager to befriend you. High rises have figured things out regarding Covid – there are more restrictions and some controls, but gyms, pools, and lounges/terraces are still there for residents to enjoy.There are plenty of things to do in Boston. Museums, theaters, and seasonal cheer. Tree lighting and holiday lights everywhere – a winter paradise – walking Brass Bands and carolers to entertain.

As for the impact on Real Estate – sales certainly slowed and prices stalled, especially at the start of the pandemic. However, as a testament to our fair city – prices never really fell too low (other than a few fire sales early in the pandemic). Today prices are coming back nicely. However, the savvy buyer may still be able to get slightly better value (a slight haircut) as compared to pre-pandemic sales for condos in the city. It is not a bad time to buy!  For those of you planning to sell in the city, if you keep your expectations realistic, buyers are most definitely showing up from the suburbs and some from overseas. You should do just fine!

As always, I am available to answer your real estate queries- about the city or the burbs – and help with your transactions! Don’t hesitate to reach out even if you have no queries. It will be great to hear from you and catch up!

Enjoy the start of the holiday season! Cheers!