All you need to know about 2020 Boston Real Estate

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Happy new year!

You’ve been wondering what Real Estate moves to make in 2020. So, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground. Here’s what I got … from my ear to yours:


What makes us happy

–       2019 was a great year for Boston Real Estate

–       We are in booming bean town. Our local economy is still doing very well indeed.

–       Unemployment in Massachusetts is the lowest it has been for a while.

–       We are creating new jobs

–       We are known as a hub for innovation – be it in the health/pharma/high tech industry and our excellent universities


What stays the same

–       Since net, net people are moving into the Boston area – and there were few housing choices to begin with – inventory continues to be (very) low in most of the areas you’re living in, and/or are wanting to move to!

–       Most new construction in greater Boston (which is slim to begin with) targets the ultra-luxury sector – which is not helping our severe housing crunch and long(er) commutes


What makes us wary

–       We’ve all been hearing about the global slowdown and we are not insulated from it. This makes us thoughtful and less impulsive in our purchases – not a bad thing.

–       Election years are always rocky – and adding impeachment to the mix – can leave us all wondering where things are going!

–       More middle east turmoil – hmm!

–       Our commutes seem to be getting longer and longer … compelling us to think harder about our ideal home/workplace

–       For our younger professionals growing up in the ‘sharing’ economy, questions on whether to make a commitment to buy


 What all this means for your Real Estate transactions in the Boston Area in 2020:

 If you’re looking to sell

–       Year over year stats for ’solds’ in the areas around us are very good indeed

–       As long as you’re reasonable in your expectations, working with a great Realtor (ahem), present your property well and price it right you should end up in a good place

 If you’re looking to buy

–       Know that what makes people hesitate and think– actually makes for a healthier, less crazy Real Estate market.

–       It is always good for buyers to reflect more and really know what they want.

–       A good Realtor can do the analysis on the right price to pay … and help negotiate to a ‘close’ in a multiple offer situation.


As always, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell or just get a free assessment of what your house is worth in today’s market. Don’t hesitate to be in touch.


Wishing all of you – my friends, clients, and referral partners a fabulous 2020!